Snail Bob

Help Bob find his way back to his home in Snail Bob. He is very confused as to why his house was demolished. Let's return the house to its original state!

Dangers for Bob

The bulldozer is constantly working, destroying the house. What should Bob do? Control Bob to act, move, and stop at the right time. In front of you is a construction site with many potential dangers. Just one mistake could leave Bob stranded or dead. To earn more points, you generally need to overcome obstacles like spikes and enemies and collect stars.

Each level has its own unique challenges and difficulties. Sometimes you have to force Bob to move carefully through dangerous areas. Or slow down to observe ahead. Turn on the switch or pull the lever to make the piston move to find another path. When in danger, pull your head back into your shell and find a way to solve the problem outside. Snail Bob has begun the journey to find home!


How To Play

Click to control Bob. Once you've found the solution, move and flip the switch. Continue or stop and hide in a shell.

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