Moto X3M

Get on your bike and go for a ride on the Moto X3M. The game tests your driving and movement abilities. Show off your ultimate driving skills! You can jump over obstacles and dangers. For you, 50 levels equal 50 road frames. Conquer the Moto X3M!

Accelerate further! You may have to perform flips and brakes in a variety of situations. Do you earn three stars? It indicates that you've done exceptionally well at your current level of play. Stunts allow you to earn up to three stars while saving time, but they also pose numerous risks. To ensure your safety during the race, you must have all the necessary insurance. Drive within the allotted time. You will face numerous challenges and dangers as you explore!

Moto X3M allows you to experience thrills while also playing a variety of other games. With the Wheelie Bike, you can learn to ride a bike. Now relax!

Play tips

  • Learn how to control your motorcycle in any situation.
  • Unlock new cars, each with their own unique features.
  • Skilled in jumping, acrobatics, and other challenging movements.
  • Use physical laws to move the car forward.

How to play

To move, use WASD or arrow keys.

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