Duck Life

Adventure in Duck Life, this is a Flash game about the journey of a duck. Are you ready to help Dory? Dory the duck is running races to raise funds to save the farm. What are your strengths in running, flying, or swimming? Continuously practice to enhance your abilities.

Every time you finish a race, you will receive a worthy prize. Do your best to advance to the championship. You can use the bonus money to get hats, new duck colors, and seeds. Having skill seeds will enable you to become more professional. But first, let's start with five basic seeds. Duck Life is a platform game featuring stunning pixel graphics. Let's play right now!

Duck Life level

Beginner (levels 10–40)

  • Green Valley (Run): Earn 50 coins and unlock the Juicy Orange.
  • Rocky Cliff (Flying): Offers a 50 coin reward and unlocks Crazy Red.
  • Shallow Lake (Swimming): Receive 50 coins as a reward and unlock the dark purple color.
  • Natural World (All): 50 coins and the Bowler Hat are unlocked.

Amateur (levels 40–100)

  • Banister Climb (Run): 100 coin reward and boring gray color unlocked.
  • Leap of Faith Flying: 100 coins and unlock Midnight Black.
  • Swimming Pool: 100 coins and a pretty pink color have been unlocked.
  • Rooftop Jumping (All): Unlocked 100 coins and a propeller hat.

Expert (level 100+)

  • Up the Volcano (Run): 200 coins and unlock Snow White.
  • Over the Volcano (Fly): 200 coins and unlocked Lime Green.
  • Across the River (Swim): 200 coins and unlock Sky Blue.
  • Volcano Challenge (All): 200 coins and Liberty Spikes unlocked.

World Championship (All): 200,000 coins, new farm and Crown  are unlocked.


How To Play

  • Running: Click to jump.
  • Flying: To go up or down, simply click and drag.
  • Swimming: up arrow to jump, down arrow to dive.
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