Dinosaur Game

Help the dinosaur avoid extinction in Dinosaur Game. This is a famous casual game released in 2014. What do you usually do when you lose your internet connection? It's really boring, isn't it? Next, play the Dino Game! The game tells about the desert survival journey of the T-rex dinosaur. The lonely dinosaur runs in the vast desert, jumping over obstacles and moving forward.


Cactus: It could be one plant, two, or three cacti. If you can't jump over these cacti, the game will be over.

Pterodactyl: An ancient winged lizard that flies in the sky. Dinosaurs need to run crouched when passing through pterodactyls. If they collide with these species, their running journey will come to an end.

Special Features

  • You can set the game's background color to day and night.
  • The speed of the dinosaurs will increase more and more.
  • 8-bit 2D graphics.
  • Run endlessly with no endpoint.
  • Every time you fail, you have to start playing again from the beginning.

How To Play

  • To jump, use the up arrow or spacebar.
  • Arrow down to run crouched.

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