Dino Run

In Dino Run, save prehistoric dinosaurs from destruction by giant meteorites. The journey back to prehistoric times begins! Planet Earth is in a state of chaos, with meteors falling and volcanoes erupting lava. You must transform into a Velociraptor and try to avoid extinction. The faster you act, the better your chances of winning. A mere delay of one second can lead to immediate elimination.

Scary abysses, treacherous terrain, fallen trees, and other dinosaurs all impede your escape. Lava is flowing directly behind you. Run quickly, Dino! Along the way, you can gain points by eating smaller animals. Don't forget to collect the dinosaur eggs. It allows you to gain more lives and avoid immediate destruction. You can also collect Super and Dactyl eggs. It will greatly contribute to your victory. Pterodactyls can also help you progress. Please request assistance from that species as soon as you encounter it.


Collecting super eggs is extremely important. For every eight eggs you find and eight creatures you consume, you can obtain one DNA. However, while running, don't focus too much on collecting eggs. Otherwise, the lava may destroy you before you can collect the eggs. Improve your strengths. Jump at the proper point and height. You can use your quick feet to accelerate at any time. You have the ability to move rocks and meteorites. Jump on large meteor rocks to earn points. Relax with Dino Run!


How To Play

  • Use the arrows or WASD keys to move.
  • Esc/Space key to pause.
  • Shift to speed up.
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