Geometry Jump

Geometry Jump tests players' concentration and reflexes. Don't miss this platform game! The geometric world, combined with neon colors and upbeat music, entices players. Develop your peak reflexes and excellent music perception. Can you do that? Avoid spikes, cogs, and retaining walls. This will result in your immediate cessation of gameplay. But don't worry, you can play again and again.

Discover the special things

  • Geometry Jump has fifteen different levels. Planet Hunt is considered to be the most difficult level for players. Alternatively, you can relax with the Preamble level.
  • There are 60 different skins to choose from. 
  • 15 different background music tracks.
  • Each level contains unique maps and challenges.

How To Play

To jump over obstacles, use the up arrow key/spacebar or the left mouse button.

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