Geometry Dash World

As a fan of the game Geometry Dash, you cannot miss Geometry Dash World. Geometry controls allow you to move forward while skillfully avoiding obstacles. Each level features unique graphics and music. Listen to the melodies and then determine the best time to jump over obstacles. Obstacles are arranged in different shapes. If you don't have enough experience, you can use the practice mode to improve your reflexes.

In the Years level, you can fly your geometry and navigate mazes. However, this level is extremely difficult to pass. You can begin by playing the easier levels before progressing to the more difficult ones. Beautiful 2D graphics and neon lights make the game even more appealing. Boost your adrenaline as much as possible!


  • Payload (1 star)
  • Beast Mode (2 stars)
  • Machina (2 stars)
  • Years (2 stars)

How To Play

Left-click to jump, fly and flip over obstacles.

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