Geometry Dash Lite

Take on the famous musical adventure with Geometry Dash Lite game. It's time you learned to appreciate music and became a professional gamer! You can walk through areas with beautiful graphics and well-arranged neon lights. As long as you can control your figure, you can overcome obstacles like spikes, traps, and other hazards.

On this colorful adventure journey, you can unlock and use a wide range of playable characters. Geometry Dash Lite is a shortened version of Geometry Dash, with 17 levels of play. Despite their limitations, these Dash games are playable and generalizable. Can you collect 64 mysterious coins and 136 stars? It's not easy because the more you play, the more difficult it becomes, causing the player to sweat and possibly lose their cool. As with many other Dash games, your accuracy and ability to control the game calmly are key to winning.

Clubstep is the most difficult level to play, with a rating of 14 stars from Demon. But don't worry! There are plenty of interesting things to discover in the levels that follow. Listening to music can also help you achieve success. Each level features a unique track and map. You can learn how to act by catching the melody's rhythm can teach you how to act. Let us play!


How To Play

  • Left-click to jump.
  • The up and down arrows allow you to fly up or down in the event that you control an aircraft.
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