Twincat Warrior 3

Discover Twincat Warrior 3, an entertaining 2-player game from the Twincat Warrior series. Assist the two cats in crossing the finish line with the best possible results. Allow the two characters to support each other throughout this adventure, overcoming all difficulties and challenges.

First, two characters must move through the maze, collecting all of the diamonds. To solve each case, look at the terrain scene. Push the crate close to the wall and jump on it to reach a higher position. Both characters are unable to touch water, so they must jump over puddles. Use ladders or switches to continue your journey. Finally reaching the finish line. It's all a process that takes practice and quick reflexes.


  • Twincat Warrior 3 features 40 different levels of play.
  • Simple 2D graphics with familiar gameplay.
  • Perform basic jumping and parkour moves.
  • Diamonds are helpful for upgrading new skins.

How to play

  • Orange cat: Use W, A, D to move.
  • Blue cat: Use arrows to move.

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