Fire Steve and Water Alex

Start your adventure with Fire Steve and Water Alex. Here, you must assist two characters to overcome challenges and reach the gate. Steve and Alex each have their own characteristics. When acting in each case, keep each person's characteristics in mind. Steve can walk through fire, and Alex can walk through water. If Steve goes into water and Alex goes into fire, it's game over.

To open the gate at the end of the path, you need to collect diamonds, gold, and emeralds. However, every step contains different challenges. It's time for you to come up with an action strategy and let the two characters support each other. Play a lot to develop the ability to react naturally to unexpected situations. Are you ready to explore the 10 levels of Fire Steve and Water Alex?

Points to note

  • There are two gates with two different colors. Enter the correct door that matches the character's color.
  • To win, both characters must survive and overcome difficulties.
  • If you know how to control them, you can fully utilize the movement and abilities of the two characters.
  • Collect food, gems, and precious metals to earn points.

How To Play

Red Player (Steve)

  • To move, use the left and right arrows.
  • To jump, use the up arrow. Use twice to double jump.

Blue Player (Alex)

  • Use the A and D keys to move left and right.
  • To jump, use the W key. Tap twice to double jump.

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