Darkmaster And Lightmaiden

In Darkmaster And Lightmaiden, two masters work together to master the mysterious maze. This is a puzzle-based adventure game in which two players must escape. How do you pass 15 different levels? Master of Darkness may pass through and collect dark flames. Maiden of Light can only move through white flames. Each character has unique characteristics, and you must allow them to interact to overcome obstacles.

Along the way, you must collect flames. It will greatly benefit you at the following levels. Jump over the obstacle and pull the switch to reveal a secret passage to another tunnel. Finally, you must assist the two characters in making their way out. In some cases, you must use your reasoning skills to anticipate what may occur in the future.

Darkmaster And Lightmaiden is a fun platform game in which the player characters interact with one another. Explore 2D graphics with a primarily dark-colored interface. Finish the mission as quickly as possible! Furthermore, you can play other similar games, such as FlameBoy and AquaGirl and Mine Brothers The Magic Temple.


How To Play

  • Move: Arrow
  • Switch Player: Spacebar
  • Action: E key
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