Mine Brothers The Magic Temple

Mine Brothers The Magic Temple is part of a series of adventure platform games that share two familiar elements. The journey you embark on is never-ending; simply open new chapters and continue. Finish the mission and continue your journey!

Don't miss any crystals. This can help you restore the ancient temple. Remember, Water Girl can only collect blue crystals, whereas Fire Boy can only collect red crystals. Every character has unique characteristics. Characters can only overcome challenges with the same color. Be careful not to combine fire and water. Fire heroes cannot enter water, and water heroes cannot enter fire. Understanding the traits of each character allows you to overcome difficult challenges. You can only repair the ruined temple when you have enough crystals. Play now!


How To Play

  • Use AD/arrow keys to move.
  • W key/up arrow to jump.
  • Spacebar to change characters.
  • Key E to act.

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