FlameBoy and AquaGirl

In FlameBoy and AquaGirl, you can explore a magical temple. To navigate to the emergency exit, control two player characters. Your journey of discovery begins! Obstacles are necessary in every game. To progress through 15 levels, you must maintain good control over both of your playing characters. Watergirls can walk across lakes, climb ice, and swim underwater. On the contrary, the boy wishes to be able to walk through fire and lava.

During the adventure journey, you must collect diamonds and reach the gate at the end of the road. Alternatively, you can find items along the way. You are proficient at switching between two characters, which helps you overcome obstacles. Remember the qualities of each character; they will help you overcome obstacles.
FlameBoy and AquaGirl are very similar to Fireboy and Watergirl. In this game, explore all levels to discover interesting points!


How To Play

To move them, use the right and left arrow keys, the up arrow to jump, and E to interact with the items around you.

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