Red Boy and Blue Girl

Red Boy and Blue Girl is a platform game for 2 players. Explore the vast maze, collecting gems and keys to open the gate. Game with two modes: Easy and Normal. You must solve 20 levels in easy mode to unlock the normal level. Each level will require you to collect a certain number of keys. Collect them all to get to the next level. Don't forget to collect more diamonds.

Explore the gameplay

In the jungle, there are many mysteries that you can discover. Red Boy can travel through red waters. Blue Girl can travel through blue waters. Don't go through water that is green and has bubbles. This water is poisonous and has the potential to destroy both of you. To make the journey go more smoothly, control your two characters to support each other and solve puzzles together. To pass through the gate, both must overcome the obstacle with enough keys in hand. If either person cannot pass the challenge, then the game will end. From forests and green meadows to different ponds, explore. Are you ready for your adventure?


How To Play

  • Red Boy: Use the W,A,S,D keys to move.
  • Blue Girl: Use arrow keys to move.

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