Duo Water and Fire

Duo Water and Fire is an adventure game that combines Stickman, Fireboy, and Watergirl. The journey to overcome difficulties has begun! Remember that everyone has their own strength. Watergirl has the power of water, while Fireboy has the power of fire. To unlock the secret method, both brothers must collect the red and blue keys. Remember to collect coins on your challenging journey. Overcome obstacles with bravery.

Conquer each level! Each level presents unique challenges. To overcome it, you must use both your mind and body. There are traps such as saw blades and double traps, among other obstacles. If either player falls into a trap or fails to complete the challenge, the game ends. You get energy from water and fire, which gives you motivation and strength to reach the door at the end of the path.


How To Play

  • WASD/Arrow keys: Move
  • To double jump, double click the up arrow or press the W key.

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