Fireboy And Watergirl Maze

Fireboy and Watergirl Maze is a 2-player platform game from the Fire and Water series. Fireboy and Watergirl become lost in a maze of forests with numerous paths. Help the characters find their way out of this maze! There are ten maze levels in total, and each one is a completely new map. The levels that follow will put your observational and logical thinking skills to the test. First, observe the entire maze; the exit gate is the goal you must guide your character to. Follow the exits, and you might find your way out.

This is a 2-player game, so you can definitely play with your friends. Please choose whether you want to help a boy or a girl escape the maze. The winding maze paths test the player's puzzle-solving skills. Whoever is faster wins the match. Master the player's character and use it to move freely.


How To Play

Watergirl: Use WASD to move.

Fireboy: Use arrows to move.

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