FNF: Elements

Listen to music and sing along with two characters from the FNF: Elements game. This is a unique combination of Friday Night Funkin and Fireboy And Watergirl. Because this is a platform game with simple gameplay, you can both learn to sing in tune and showcase your musical abilities. You'll take on the role of Watergirl and confront Fireboy. Let's see who can score the most points.


Use the arrows to align with the diamonds on the right, which are gradually moving upwards. Each click is in the correct order and timing, and you can hear the melody and lyrics. The notes will initially play slowly but will eventually speed up, requiring more skill from the player. This is the point at which you must focus intensely in order to finish the song with the highest possible score. Do not miss too many notes; doing so will deplete your health bar and cause you to lose the game. Listen to the melody and move your fingers quickly and precisely. It's time to devote your full attention to the game FNF: Elements!


How To Play

Use the arrow keys to play.

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