Money Movers 1

It's time to embark on a journey to escape from prison in the game Money Movers 1. Make a meticulous plan and begin your journey right away! For these missions to succeed, you must allow these two characters to support each other. Each level presents unique challenges, and each level is a strictly guarded security area. Begin the mission now!

Money Movers 1 consists of 20 different levels. To complete each level, you must solve the puzzle in every case. Sometimes you need to pull levers and move objects. Alternatively, get ready to confront the guards and other prisoners. You can rely on the characteristics of two brothers to help each other. The big brother character is strong enough to throw objects. The younger brother is agile and has a compact body, allowing him to pass through narrow aisles. Do you know what to do in each scenario? On this mission, you can also receive money bags. Each level contains up to three different money bags. This bonus will allow you to access additional bonus levels. It's time to showcase your abilities!


How To Play

Player 1: Use WASD key to move.

Player 2: Use the arrows on the keyboard to move.

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