Mush Work Together

Transform into lovely, colorful mushrooms, and find your way out of Mush Work Together. Complete all mushroom goals! With 16 levels, your goal is to transform into mushrooms, overcome obstacles, and reach the correct gate with the same color as you. Jump over pits, spikes, and traps to find the exit.

To complete the task efficiently, the mushrooms must collaborate and support one another to overcome obstacles. As the levels advance, more mushrooms become stuck and require rescue. You may see red, blue, purple, or yellow mushrooms. Don't let any unfortunate confusion occur. Every time the mushrooms collaborate as a group, the task completion rate increases. Face dangerous traps, gain momentum, and make two consecutive jumps. The more skillfully you control your character, the easier it will be to complete each level.

Mush Work Together is a platform game with simplistic pixel graphics. The levels are sufficient to help you relax. This is a game from the Fire and Water series. You can also play other similar games and leave feedback.


How To Play

  • Use WASD/arrow keys to move.
  • Space/Up arrow to jump.
  • Click on another mushroom to start controlling it/ Press E to switch between them.
  • Key M to return to the menu
  • Press R to restart.
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