Lava Boy and Blue Girl

Please help the little elements in Lava Boy and Blue Girl. This is a completely new adventure journey for Lava Boy and Blue Girl. The elementals need to explore the magical forest and find a way to restore lost soul energy.

What mysteries await you?

Now both characters must work together and find the secret to solve each level. Each level will have mysterious and harmful creatures that you need to avoid. Concentrate completely on overcoming obstacles. It could be a puddle, a mysterious creature, or anything else. You also need to have a clear understanding of each character's characteristics. Blue Girl can cross the blue puddle, and Lava Boy can cross the red puddle. Both characters share the same goal of collecting diamonds and finding lost energy.

Lava Boy and Blue Girl have 20 levels each. The following levels are more challenging than the previous levels. You also need to practice to beat harder levels. There are many other games about these two elemental characters that you can play, such as Forest Ice Burning Man and Fireboy and Watergirl: Island Survival.

How To Play

Lava Boy moves with arrows, while Blue Girls moves with WASD keys. Avoid obstacles and collect diamonds along the way.

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