Fireboy and Watergirl: Island Survival

In Fireboy and Watergirl: Island Survival, you'll embark on an adventure on a deserted island. The game revolves around two characters, Fireboy and Watergirl. Explore the beautiful island and attempt to overcome numerous challenges. Trees and vegetation combine to create a mysterious island. Jump and run between platforms. Collect the diamonds: Fireboy collects the red diamond, and Watergirl collects the blue diamond.

Our two characters are always together. They must always be supportive and helpful to one another in moving forward. If one person fails to complete the task, the other cannot move on to the next level. Don't fall into the hole, and always remember each character's traits. Enjoy the simple graphics and two-player mode. Conquer various levels!


  • The game is based on Fireboy and Watergirl.
  • Simple gameplay and an engaging story.
  • There are twenty different levels in total.
  • There are plenty of diamonds to collect.

How to play

To play, move with the arrow keys or WASD.

Fireboy and Watergirl: Island Survival Series

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