Forest Ice Burning Man

Forest Ice Burning Man is a multiplayer entertainment game. Your mission is to assist Fireboy and Watergirl in escaping from dangerous gorillas. Collect gems from this mysterious maze! However, don't let diamond collecting distract you from the dangers.

Explore game modes

Forest Ice Burning Man includes two game modes: Single Mode and Double Mode. In Single Mode, you must assist Fireboy in collecting all of the gems, particularly the Purple Diamond. Collecting the purple diamond allows you to temporarily imprison the gorillas. In Double Modde mode, you help both players complete the mission. Characters in each game mode have three lives per level. Every time a gorilla catches you, you lose one life. Because the maze has so many different paths, you can avoid the gorillas with ease. The maze map is in your hands. Devise a strategy now!

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How To Play

  • Player 1: Move with the arrows.
  • Player 2: Use WASD to move.
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