Getaway Shootout

Getaway Shootout immerses you in a fierce shooting race. You will now have to compete with three other people to get to the extraction point. But how do you win? First, move quickly past other opponents in order to collect weapons before they do. You can only go left or right. Overcoming obstacles along the way is not easy.

To react quickly, you must first master the playing mechanics and character movements. Every character must move by jumping. You can visit various locations during each round. In addition to guns, you should collect power-up items to improve your chances of victory. Move and try to maintain the character's balance. Because they can only move left and right, the characters move in a chaotic manner.

It's time for you to try out this new gameplay with 2D graphics. Concentrate your entire spirit to compete in the fierce race. You don't have time to wait any longer; gunfire has erupted. Play now!


How To Play

Player 1:

  • Hold W to jump left.
  • Hold E to jump right.
  • Click R to power-up.

Player 2:

  • Hold I to jump left.
  • Hold O to jump right.
  • Click P to power-up.

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