Among Us

Welcome to Among Us, a popular cross-platform game. Begin your journey to explore the universe aboard a spaceship featuring multiple playable characters. There are numerous role-playing players with varying missions. You could be a crew member or an impostor! The game has a maximum of 15 players, including three designated impostors. Use your detective skills to track down the impostor.

The traitor is silently destroying the spacecraft, exterminating the remaining crew members. To prevent the spaceship from falling into their hands, you must act quickly to locate the enemy. However, you could also be an imposter. If you are an impostor, you must act silently so that other crew members do not discover your true identity. If you don't want to lose, you must perform well in each situation. Keep an eye on all members and act quietly. Can you win?


On the spaceship The Skeld, a maximum of three impostors can blend in. If you're on the crew, you'll need to fix wires, pick up trash, and swipe ID cards while searching for the impostor. If you are an impostor, you must act quietly to destroy the map, turn off the power, or disrupt the ship's information, with the ultimate goal of silently killing other crew members.

You can use devices on the ship to prove you are not an impostor. If you suspect someone, go ahead and vote. Discovering the impostor allows you to rescue the spaceship, and vice versa. Destroyed crew members or impostors can become ghosts and resume their mission.

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