Play Hole.io and compete fiercely with others. Your target controls a small black hole and begins devouring everything. Initially, a small black hole can only swallow small objects, such as people, barrels, and trees. And eventually, they can swallow larger objects, such as cars and buildings. Devour the town now!

Hole.io is an IO game that has five different game modes. Come up with the best strategy to get everything into your black hole. Within two minutes, you must make your black hole the largest it can be. After each match, you can observe the rankings of each player. In addition to swallowing everything around them, black holes can also swallow smaller black holes.

Strategy for playing Hole.io

When you first start playing, you can only collect small objects, and each object only adds one point. Collect as quickly and as much as possible to increase in size in no time. When you get older, you focus on collecting correspondingly larger objects so you can collect a larger number of points and quickly increase in size. If you encounter a smaller-sized opponent, collect it immediately.

The size of the object may limit the resources you can collect, so explore your surroundings to find them. You'll waste time trying to collect large objects, so skip them. Don't move too fast, as it will cause the object to tip over and make it harder to collect. Move to the right position so the object can roll itself into the black hole. Cars and people are objects that can move. You can stop in the car's path to let it drive into your black hole.

Larger opponents may see you as prey. So, you have to run away quickly. However, don't run to the map's edge or dead end to avoid being surrounded and collected by the enemy.


How To Play

Use the mouse to control the black hole and collect all items.

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