Bomb It 8

Welcome to Bomb It 8, a strategic bombing action game. Go around the map and start placing bombs now! In this game, you are not only alone but also have other opponents. As the clock ticks down, you must navigate through the village in various directions and strategically place bombs to destroy obstacles or opponents. Complete the task in the fastest time possible.

How to plant bombs effectively?

Once placed in a certain position, the bomb will explode within the allowed radius. You also need to quickly leave the bomb location if you don't want to be blown up. This is when you can both act and use combat tactics. The more achievements you complete, the more stars and rewards you get. Coins and stars help you unlock 7 new skins. At the same time, you can also unlock more bombs, vehicles, and different playing locations. Choose whether the number of opponents you face is one, two, or three. Balance your playing ability from amateur to professional.

Game modes

  • Arcade
  • Weapons Only
  • Coin Collection
  • Capture The Flag

How To Play

  • Use the arrows to move.
  • Spacebar to place bombs.
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