We're Impostors

Your objective in the role-playing game We're Impostors is to go back home safely while rescuing your comrades. Role-play and fight now! You must overcome several perilous obstacles, such as ice, lava, and lasers. It's difficult to overcome them! It is difficult to control both Red and Blue Imposters at the same time. To win, remember each character's unique characteristics. Cooperation is key to surviving since every imposter has their own special set of abilities. You can only destroy enemies of your own color.

Collect items along your journey to help you complete missions. Victory relies heavily on team spirit and mutual support. It's difficult to fight while simultaneously observing your opponent. These items will be extremely helpful during your escape. Don't miss a thing! Take the time to plan the best way to get around them.

How To Play

  • Use A and D, or the arrow keys, to move and attack.
  • To jump, simply press up.
  • To switch between characters, press CTRL.
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