The Battle Cats

Begin playing The Battle Cats, a strategy game with adorable cats. Command your cat army to take on the enemy. To increase your chances of winning, you must employ a sound playing strategy. The first step is defense, which requires a strong army and a solid foundation. Upgrade your base on a regular basis and, as needed, purchase additional troops. The next step is to attack. Identify the opponent's weakness and attack there. The experience you gain is also beneficial in this battle.

The Battle Cats allow you to transform into any cat. Make effective use of cats. You can receive a bonus for each successful attack. And you can use that money to finance the war, enhance your troops, and fortify your defenses. Cannons can be helpful in this battle. The faster you act, the better your chances of winning!

Notable features

This game features simple gameplay and cute 2D graphics. With a good playing strategy, you can win. Challenging levels await you, with unexpected rewards.


How To Play

Use mouse to navigate.

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