Super Bunny Man

Play Super Bunny Man and explore the platform game, which can be played with one to four players. This is where you need to use physics to pass the levels. Your goal is to convince Bunny to collect carrots and reach the space gate. The character's movements will differ from those seen in real life. To overcome the challenge, try everything you can, including jumping, rolling, and clinging. Avoid deep holes, spikes, and other hazards. Are you ready? Don't forget to save coins and upgrade the necessary features.

Game Mode

  • Story Mode
  • Party Mode


Cute and simple two-dimensional graphics.

Use physical laws to help your character move.

Multiplayer game (up to four players).

For each level, use coins to increase the character height and play time.

How to play

To move left or right, use the keys A and D.

Press the W key to jump.

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