Rooftop Snipers

Rooftop Snipers welcomes you to the pixel world with fierce confrontations at dizzying heights. Placed on the roof of high-rise buildings with an unpredictable ragdoll character, what will you need to do? Your mission in this game is to try to defeat your opponent by using precise attacks to make them fall off the roof. This game does not focus too much on strategy; you need to be quick and calm to win. The weapons in each character's hand have the same destructive power. These two puppets will continuously move their hands up and down as if trying to aim at the correct shooting position. You must adjust your timing so that you can use the fewest blows to defeat your opponent.

Rooftop Snipers has two game modes: single-player and two-player. Your round will take place extremely quickly because you only need to score one point to become the winner. Are you ready for a top-notch confrontation with epic shots?

How To Play

  • Single-player: You can press the W key to jump and the E key to shoot.
  • Two-player: Player 1 has the same maneuvering commands as in the single-player mode. Player 2 will use the I key to jump and the O key to shoot.

Other Trivial Information

  • The terrain and characters in each round of your game will not be the same. This feature creates variety in your entertainment experience.
  • Some characters may suddenly appear, hindering the main round.
  • Players can encounter some famous models of characters in the movie world.
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