Run 2

Play Run 2 right now to find out how you can run endlessly in 3D space. It's about time you became an extraterrestrial! Play through the expansive world by running, jumping, and overcoming obstacles at your own pace. To keep from plunging into the chasm, make sure you time your jumps properly.

More advanced stunts, like climbing walls or gliding across ceilings, are at your disposal in Run 2. Your point of view will change with each positional shift. The world seems more tangible than before. The law of gravity still does not affect you. The later stages are even more challenging, so you'll need to learn all the aliens' abilities. More and more gaps, curves, and turns will pop up, making precise movements even more of a challenge. Keep in mind that not all surfaces will provide you with enough traction for your acrobatic tricks. Therefore, exercise caution at all times.

Strategies for playing

Practice: Continuously improve reflex skills and handle situations. The game gets more challenging as you progress. Therefore, your odds of winning improve with practice.

Make use of different fonts: There are distinguishing features to each of these personalities. It opens up even more possibilities.

Pay attention and time your jumps correctly: You have to focus entirely on the game to figure out where to jump and how high to jump.


How To Play

  • Navigate with the arrow keys.
  • Hit the space bar to jump.

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