Run 3

Warm up your spirit and join forces in Run 3. This is an endless running game in which the goal is to get as far as possible. The space tunnel ahead is endless, and you will face numerous difficult challenges. There are gaps in that space, and you must move the character forward to jump through them. Otherwise, you'll fall out of the tunnel, and the game will end.

Gaps will appear more frequently as you progress. Concentration and quick reflexes are required if you want to achieve good results. The challenges in Run 3 will make it even more stressful and exciting. Breathless when having to move and look ahead at the same time.

Game Mode

  • Discovery mode: You can try to advance through many levels. Each level is new, with numerous new tunnels and areas to explore.
  • Endless mode: To unlock new characters, collect energy cells. Once you lose, your journey will come to an end, and you will have to start over. Alternatively, use the energy battery to restart your run as a new character.

How To Play

Take control of every jump. When you need to jump, use the up arrow or the spacebar. The R key allows you to reset. Or pause the game with the P key.

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