Eating Simulator

Eat everything in Eat Simulator. At each level, you must help your character eat and drink many different foods. Complete the mission as quickly as possible! Babies need to drink milk; dogs can eat bones; geese can eat fish; and men can eat hamburgers. To do that, you have to think of a way to get all the food into the mouth of the person or animal.

The game provides each player with humorous and relaxing moments. Where you experience many different missions. Sometimes these missions involve assisting your character in drinking water or consuming food. Once you have eaten or drunk the required amount, you will reach the next level. It's time to play and relax!


  • A 2D game with 33 different levels.
  • Use drawing skills.
  • Intuitive gameplay with simple controls.
  • Each level has a different character.

How To Play

You must draw an exact line from the food to the mouth and drag it down to each character's stomach. Make decisive and precise movements.

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