Idle Mining Empire

Idle Mining Empire is a cooperative idle game. Your mission is to constantly exploit resources and grow your business. Pick up your tools and get digging! The more you dig, the more coins you will earn. Use the coins to build your open team, upgrade your tools, and hire more managers. Each position is optimized, including a hardworking miner, a warehouse worker who rotates goods, and a talented manager.

You begin with nothing and advance to become the individual who has accumulated the most coins. Where are you right now? Keep in mind that you need to sell the resources you've collected to obtain all the coins. The deeper you dig for resources, the more money you will make. The working sequences are set in the proper order. Don't miss a single order. Continue to enhance your skills and develop into a skilled businessman.


  • It's a multiplayer idle game.
  • The order in which resources will be mined, transported, and sold has already been determined.
  • Many items, including staff and tools, are upgradeable.
  • The levels are gradually increasing. seamless.

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