Dumb Ways to Die 2 The Games

Experience the entertaining Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games. The gameplay is simple, similar to the original Dumb Ways To Die. You can simply play and laugh aloud. Your mission is to survive by completing each level. There are obstacles and puzzles waiting for you to solve. Each time you play, you get three chances. Take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way!

To pass a level, follow the instructions in the early levels. But in later levels, you must do anything to complete the mission. There are numerous unexpected problem-solving techniques. The longer you survive, the more points you earn. Avoid car collisions, shark bites, or simply replay the game to uncover your own secrets.

Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games' graphics and sound leave a lasting impression on players. We aim to create characters and backgrounds that are incredibly adorable and vibrant. We aim to make many bloody scenes humorous and entertaining.

Play tips

Set in the Olympics, where your player characters can swim, ski, and run across grasslands. Perform all of the actions, such as tilting the screen, rapidly tapping the screen, drawing straight lines, jumping over obstacles, etc. In some cases, you must proceed with extreme caution.

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