Dumb Ways To Die

Dumb Ways To Die is a funny and entertaining single-player game. Finish minigames by sliding, dragging, tapping, and tilting. Each minigame requires players to overcome obstacles in order to survive. You have three lives to finish the challenges. The challenges can be quite brainless, and sometimes a little "silly". Face challenges by transforming into cute little beans. The higher your score, the more characters you can unlock.

There are 82 minigames in total. A variety of situations may arise for your playing characters. You must exercise caution, or you risk slipping and falling on the pool's edge, swimming with Piranha fish, or brushing a shark's teeth. Dumb Ways to Die is a simple and charming game. The setting for the minigames is extremely simple, with brightly colored backgrounds. Are you prepared to board the ship and explore the entire game?


How To Play

To play, use the mouse. Be ready to jump, duck and run to survive.

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