Devil Dash

Test your skills in Devil Dash. This game is an obstacle course platform game that features recognizable geometry. Try it today! While in prison, Geometry becomes enraged and determined to complete all 16 levels. Overcome all limitations! At the end of the road is a door that lets you leave, but getting there is difficult. You may fall into an unending pit and have to restart the game.

What awaits you in Devil Dash?

Start moving and doing jumping jacks. You may come across the following obstacles: holes, moving spikes, or crumbling ceilings. In order to conquer barriers more easily, you can play and fail. Failure teaches you pit placement and avoidance. This is the time to put your patience and rapid reaction to the test. Playing over and over helps you memorize the route and map. 


How To Play

  • Use A,D/left, right arrows to move.
  • Spacebar to jump.

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