Cookie Clicker

Relax with Cookie Clicker, a popular idle-clicking game. This game allows you to create thousands of delicious cookies. Let's start clicking! What is your highest achievement? You can upgrade and achieve more achievements without clicking a button.

Explore upgrade features

Click to increase the current number of cookies. You can use these wheels to enhance features. From factory expansion to automotive upgrades, Your revenue is on the rise! Let's do something to make Cookie Clicker more efficient.

Start by enhancing a structure that houses a guide and five women. It will grow steadily over time. Once you have enough revenue, you can generate 1000 cookies or more with a single click. As you progress through the game, you will be able to upgrade cursors, grandmas, and more.


How To Play

To begin, click the play button.

Idle games

Cookie Clicker is well-known in the idle game series. But you can also find some brand new idle games. Each time you click, Coreball Game provides a thrill. Spacebar Clicker measures the speed with which you use the space bar. Everything you want is ready!

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