Twin Cat Warrior

Twin Cat Warrior is a 2-player game in which two cat characters embark on a gem-finding adventure. This adventure will not be easy. Are you prepared? This is a platform game similar to Fireboy and Watergirl. Help the two cat characters move, jump over traps, and collect diamonds along the way.

The characters were wearing full armor and armed with swords. This is your time to help them take action! This is when you conquer 40 different levels with five important milestones. To reach the final level, play and follow the map. Not only do they have to act, but the two characters also need to support each other and solve puzzles. In the maze, you need to run and jump onto the platforms, using ladders to shorten the journey. In some cases, you use your brain to press the switch and open a new path. There are many mysteries waiting for you!


How To Play

Player 1: Use WASD to move.

Player 2: Use arrow keys to move.

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