Parkour Block Xmas Special

Celebrate Christmas with the Parkour Block Xmas Special game. This is an adventure game with beautiful parkour action. Start moving and go further! With familiar, classic gameplay, you feel like you're immersing yourself in Minecraft's world.

Playing strategy

Start moving! Your adventure becomes new with the appearance of fir trees and ice blocks. To get the highest score, perform parkour actions and jump from block to block. Every action you take can have errors. When jumping from a first-person perspective, you must use your senses to judge how much force to jump with and at what point. The heights and distances between blocks are not the same. Create the most sensible playing strategy now!

Collect all the items along the way. Parkour Block Xmas Special belongs to the Parkour Block series, making it even more diverse. Have you tried other parkour games? Consider playing more Parkour Block 5 games to get a better sense of the gameplay.


How To Play

  • Arrows / WASD: Move
  • Mouse: Look around
  • Space: Lump
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