Only Up: Obby

Only Up: Obby is an adventure game in the Only Up series based on Roblox's iconic obby modes. Jump from one point to another, attempting to achieve the highest position. Where will determination and quick reflexes lead you? It's time to get up! Everything looks great from above.

Experience the realistic 3D graphics that make you hold your breath every time you jump. If you make an incorrect jump, you run the risk of falling down. Watch to determine how to jump to the next destination. Overcome numerous challenges, avoid dangerous traps and obstacles, and enjoy the thrill of adventure. The higher you are, the more stressed you become when you have to perform better than before in order to avoid losing. It is time to break down all barriers and rise to the top! Only Up series games keep you entertained as you perform skillful and precise jumping and parkour moves.


How To Play

  • To move around, use WASD.
  • To jump, press the space bar.
  • Press the P key to pause the game.
  • Press the R key to restart.
  • To control the camera, use the mouse.
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