Let's solve puzzles with Minecraftle, ​​this is a game that helps you unleash your creativity and combine elements. Craft items now! To create an item from the ingredient inventory, you must first combine elements. How far is your creativity? There are many materials available, allowing you to create a wide range of items. Have fun strategizing and creating your own item!


Initially, you have ten guesses. Each time you try to craft, you can get two different results. If your combination fails to produce an item, some of the grids can be colored to provide feedback. The gray square indicates that you have produced a result that does not match the formula. When the square is orange, it indicates that this element should be placed elsewhere on the grid. Green squares yield the most accurate and correct results. There are numerous recipes for you to experiment with and create new things.

Game mode

  • Daily
  • Random

How To Play

To play, simply use your mouse.

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