Ice Star and Fire Star Go Home

Let's play Ice Star and Fire Star Go Home and go on the adventurous journey of Fireboy and Icegirl. Are you ready to overcome challenges to get home? This is a 2-player platform game where you help two player characters complete a mission. Are there challenges ahead? Don't be afraid! Move forward, run, and jump to collect diamonds.

Fireboy collects the red diamonds, and Icegirl collects the red diamonds. At each level, you have five turns to play. Every action you take determines whether you play the next level or not. Overcome the traps that the game has designed. Jump from platform to platform and support each other to complete the goal as soon as possible. With the right skills, you can pass the next level, even though it's harder.

Play tips

  • The number of times you can play is limited, so put all your focus on the Ice Star and Fire Star Go Home.
  • Each character has distinct characteristics and collects different diamonds. So don't mistake tasks for wasting time.
  • Both characters must advance to the gate at the end of the road together, supporting each other to overcome obstacles.
  • Practice jumping and climbing skills. That is the skill that determines whether you can continue your adventure.

How To Play

  • Fireboy: Use WASD to move.
  • Icegirl: Use arrows to move.
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