Getting Over It

Welcome to Getting Over It, an entertaining game that will challenge any player. You are equipped with a hammer so you can move. To add to the difficulty, your player character is attached to a flower basket on his hip. Here's the fun! You cannot move normally. Use the hammer and the laws of physics to get as far as possible. Swing the hammer onto the supports, then lift your body to move forward.

It's a fun and challenging game for everyone. If you get stuck in one position, try moving around to other positions. To reach high positions, you must have solid support. Seize every opportunity to win! There are many challenging platform games to try, such as Only Up!.

Play tips

  • To be able to play and achieve great results, you must practice. Once you have all of the necessary skills, you can go a long way.
  • Being calm and not afraid to play again prepares you for difficult situations.
  • Use your hammer wisely. It's up to you whether to swing the hammer far or near.

How To Play

Use mouse to move.

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