Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird is a casual game that doesn't disappoint! Since its initial release in 2013, the game has captivated the attention of all players. Currently, the game still shows no signs of cooling down. You will see the familiar image of a bird trying to fly through green pipe columns. Each pipe column has a different length. Based on that, adjust the bird to fly over it and score as many points as possible.

If you do not allow the bird to fly continuously, it will crash to the ground. However, if you fly too high, you run the risk of hitting the umbrella columns above. Adjust the height appropriately so that the bird can just fly through the space between the two pipe columns. Each time you pass a pipe column, you will score one point. What is your current high score? Flappy Bird has simple pixel graphics like Pacman or Mario games, creating a nostalgic feeling. It's time to play!

Play tips

  • Practice to master everything, from how to play to the operations. From there, you will create natural reflexes every time you encounter an obstacle.
  • When you first play, don't be too serious. Relax and play comfortably. It will help you feel comfortable while playing.
  • If you want the bird to fly higher, tap the screen repeatedly. Remember that the bird cannot fly on its own; how high it flies depends on you.

How To Play

Click on the screen to control the bird's flight.

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