Fireboy And Watergirl: New Adventure

Fireboy And Watergirl: New Adventure is a dramatic adventure entertainment platform game that follows two characters on a small island. Both fireboy and watergirl are stranded on the island. Guide both of them through the traps. You can unlock the next mission once you have both completed the previous one. If one of your characters fails, you must restart the game. This game necessitates cooperation between two players. Encourage teamwork and be willing to assist one another in overcoming obstacles.

Get the most points possible by taking decisive action. Hold the gems in your hands and show off your puzzle-solving abilities. There are 24 different play levels in total. Each level has its own map containing new challenges. Obstacles can be sharp spikes or deep pits filled with spikes. Jump or run over those hazards. Can you finish the challenge? It's time to hone your skills with this multitasking game.


How To Play

  • Use arrow keys to move Watergirl.
  • Use WASD keys to move Fireboy.
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