Eggy Car

Make sure the eggs do not break in the Eggy Car. This is a car driving game with a giant egg on trunk of the car. Can you keep the egg safe? It is not easy. A strong impact, a tilted car, or egg shakes can all cause it to fall to the ground. To ensure the egg's safety, keep the vehicle moving steadily and balanced.

You may have to travel uphill, downhill, or on rough roads. So move carefully and steadily. Each stage of the game requires you to travel through roads of varying lengths. The further you are from your goal, the longer it takes to reach it. Is the egg still safe? It's time to use your collected coins to unlock more cars. Each car has unique features. It's time to play Eggy Car! In the game Wheelie Bike, you can control a bicycle. Learn to drive and maintain your balance.

Play tips

  • Apply the gas and brakes smoothly. With just a strong accelerator pedal or a quick brake, the egg can fall out due to inertia.
  • Move at a moderate and consistent speed. If the car goes too fast, the eggs may fall out of the back. If you go too slowly, the vehicle may not be able to ascend the slopes, and the risk of falling eggs remains.
  • Choose a car that is easy to control.
  • Power-up items can help you get further.

How To Play

Use left, right arrows or A, D keys to move.

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