Cute Elements

Cute Elements is a creative puzzle game with the most unexpected situations. The adventure of the natural elements becomes more overbearing with tricky gameplay rounds. You will control a character in a cube state. However, each type of entity will have different properties. For example, you can melt a water cube or ignite a fire cube, and more. The player's task in each round is to collect keys and locks. The scattered stars are not a passing condition but will help you unlock new lands.

Cute Elements is set in a world dominated by natural elements. Starting with a water cube, you will embark on a journey to rescue other elemental friends. You will adventure through four lands, each with a certain number of levels. Players will need to decode the puzzles in each round to open the next challenge. During your exploration, you can collect cards and buy accessories for your character. Platform adventures have never been more exciting. Let's start this unique experience now!

How To Play

Your character will appear in front of the cages that hold other elemental friends. You drag and drop the mouse to move the entity to the desired location and release it. To activate the special features of the elements, you just need to click on them.

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