Crossy Road

It's time to move skillfully and safely across the road in Crossy Road. This is an entertaining game where you help chicks take on an endless journey. Rely on your inherent skills and seize every opportunity to move accurately.


Chicks must cross traffic, including trains, cars, and other vehicles. Observe moving vehicles and capture the appropriate space to quickly cross the road. Are you confident in the skills you have? To add to the drama, you also have to deal with trash bags and logs. You may encounter them at any point during your journey. So be careful!

Not only can you move the chicks, but you can also unlock hundreds of other characters. The further you go, the more traffic there is, and the faster it moves. You need to find the most suitable time to cross the street. An eagle may capture you if you remain motionless for an extended period. Crossy Road takes you to many different locations, from bustling cities to peaceful countryside. Feel the sound of the vehicles' engines, and put all your focus on your journey.


How To Play

Use the arrow keys to move.

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