Cluster Rush

Cluster Rush is a game where you can search for life. This is a platform game in which you keep jumping, sliding, and moving forward. You'll be constantly running from one truck roof to another as you play in first person. If you fall, everything is over. To avoid this, you should jump forward, left, and right. Do whatever you can to avoid falling. Perform parkour movements with rhythm and skill.

Avoid falling or colliding with any obstacles that may appear. You'll face challenges ahead. It could be a falling object, a block, or a massive explosion. It is critical that you maintain a calm demeanor in all situations. With each level, you will improve your speed and skill. In Cluster Rush, make a breakthrough.

Special point

  • Players take a first-person perspective. It's impossible to stop playing once you start.
  • The difficulty of the levels gradually increases, testing the player's ability to overcome challenges.
  • Intuitive gameplay makes it easy for both familiar and new players to control.
  • Obstacles are surprising.

How To Play

  • Press Space/J: Jump
  • Hold Space/J: Climb
  • Left/A: Move Left
  • Right/D: Move Right
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